Energy Consultant

The term “Energy Consultant” is not protected under law.  There are no general professional standards and regulations. The qualifications of an energy consultant can be identified by their initial schooling and then professional follow-up training. Qualified energy consultants are typically engineers, architects, master craftsmen and technicians with additional training as energy consultants according to the German Federal Office of Business and Export Control (BAFA).

The most important qualifications to be an Energy Consultant are German federal recognized examinations to become an Energy Consultant or federal recognized training and expertise for Sound and Heating Protection. A license from the German Federal Office of Business and Export Control (BAFA) certifies that a person with this license is qualified as an Energy Consultant with the required recognized education and training. These consultations are independent and neutral with no obligation for economic benefit or future investment.

Other Possible Verifiable Qualification Criteria:

  • Technical Studies (Diploma Engineer, Physicist, Architect)
  • Professional Associations Test (Building Energy Advisor, Trade Associations)
  • Listing with the German Federal Office of Business and Export Control (BAFA)
  • Listing on the German Federal Consultants List (German Energy Agency)
  • Qualification to advise and sell “energy practices” with a document from the
  • German Federal Energy Agency (DENA)
  • Qualification to advise and sell Building Energy Requirements Document (Requirement Certificate)
  • Recognized Expertise from the German KfW-Bank
  • Recognition from the German Federal Consumer Council as an Energy Advisor





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